Hotel Castello
is located in the center of the village Kalamaki and has a breathtaking view of the Libyan Sea.
Our rooms
are suitable for 2-5 people. They have a balcony with a panoramic view of the sea, free beach lounge chairs and more.
Guest Book
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Welcome to Castello

«Some call it home while others call it paradise. Noone can remain aloof after a visit to Crete, which is why everyone, sooner or later, comes back since the whole island has the ability to enchant even the most difficult visitor.

Crete is a place which always has something to offer, whether it be its hospitality, its well-kept traditions, its endless ways of having fun- with its high-quality cultural events or its nightlife.

And so, here in southern Crete, 65 kilometres from Heraklion, we decided to create a unique place for relaxation and holiday enjoyment, in a friendly and family-like environment.

The area’s natural beauty, the crystal-clear waters and the perfect sunset will enchant you and create unforgettable memories of your holidays.

We welcome you to Hotel Castello.


Kalamaki is made up of a sandy beach, on which the sea turtles Karetta-Karetta lay their eggs. The beautiful sandy beach as well as the picturesque seaside road lined with taverns are only a few feet away from our hotel. More