Hotel Castello
is located in the center of the village Kalamaki and has a breathtaking view of the Libyan Sea.
Our rooms
are suitable for 2-5 people. They have a balcony with a panoramic view of the sea, free beach lounge chairs and more.
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The Studios

Hotel Castello has 14 studios, suitable for 2-5 people. They have a panoramic view of the sea, bathroom, air-conditioning, a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator as well as everything deemed important to make food.

In our hotel you will find a café bar, breakfast room, recreational room with satellite tv, free wireless Internet, free beach lounge chairs and umbrellas as well as free parking space for your car.


Kalamaki is made up of a sandy beach, on which the sea turtles Karetta-Karetta lay their eggs. The beautiful sandy beach as well as the picturesque seaside road lined with taverns are only a few feet away from our hotel. More